Companies are made up of people. And finding the right people is what makes the difference!

When choosing staff and experts, obtaining the information you need from the database of CVs is essential.

There are two aspects to be assessed to choose recruiting software:

  • ENTRY: How do I enter information into my database? Is the process quick and easy?
  • THE SEARCH: Will I find all the information I need? Is my database effective?

As a rule, applicants’ information is ENTERED through:

  • 1st CASE: a lengthy, articulated filing in of (on-line) forms directly by the applicants or in-house staff. We find ourselves faced with a lengthy task that yields good results in terms of the search, but which requires dedicated staff and continuous update by the equivalent of a Mediaeval scribe.
  • 2nd CASE: the collection of documents received by e-mail or present on the company PCs in different formats (PDF, Word, etc.) and in different templates (CV in European format, Europass or other). We find ourselves faced with a much quicker task, but one that is imprecise, which often fails to provide us with all the information contained on the CVs.

Whilst the effectiveness of a SEARCH carried out using software depends:

  • ON HOW THE DATABASE IS DESIGNED: fields, tables, procedures, indexes, views, functions and queries.
  • ON THE SEARCH ALGORITHM: i.e. according to the search technique used.

Expert CV WEB simplifies the whole process of data entry and search:

  • No ON-LINE FORM to be filled in;
  • No DATA ENTRY by dedicated staff;
  • No LOSS OF INFORMATION thanks to a search engine similar to Google.

Our solution allows you to find your ideal expert or applicant in just 3 moves:

    1. by the applicant;
    2. by a recruiter;
    3. in any format and language.
    1. extracts the info from the document;
    2. keeps a copy of the original file.

Expert CV WEB has a great many advantages:

  • EASY TO USE: An orderly, structured, simple graphic interface. It does not require any specific training on how to use it, nor any specific computer knowledge.
  • SCALABLE: suitable for all companies (in terms of size, product market, corporate groups.)
  • CUSTOMISABLE: Expert CV WEB can be integrated with pre-existing HR management and corporate intranet systems.
  • LEGALLY COMPLIANT: fully compliant with current data privacy legislation and regulations governing data management laid down by the EU.
  • FOR ALL POCKETS: has a cost that is commensurate with the company size. Can be purchased both as a SERVICE and under LICENCE.

Expert CV WEB is software that incorporates a sophisticated FULL-TEXT search engine. Its main functions are:

  • Boolean operators;
  • Proximity;
  • Fuzzy (“Google-type search”);
  • Search for annotations;
  • Synonyms;
  • Preview of the context in which the word searched can be found;
  • Multiple display of CVs;
  • Mass imports of CVs;
  • Indexing of the individual expert/candidate;
  • Additional functions (save the keywords used, associate an expert with the search, multiple CVs for a single expert, add comments on candidates).

Expert CV WEB can be used in two different ways:

  1. OPEN: typical of the world of RECRUITMENT and staff selection and is obtained:
  • by carrying out a free text search;
  • by carrying out an advanced free text search (with filters discriminating between the results)
  • by indexing the expert/candidate.

2. PROJECT: typical of the world of international cooperation with experts and missions/activities to be assigned and is obtained:

  • by carrying out a free text search;
  • by carrying out an advanced free text search (with filters discriminating between the results);
  • by recording the search performed;
  • noting additional information (personal notes, comments, opinions, assessments, etc.) that enrich the search and could, in turn, become indexing variables, both during ex-ante selection and ex-post assessment of the expert/applicant;
  • by indexing the expert/applicant and associating him with the project;
  • associate the expert indexed with the search.

The main platforms similar to Expert CV WEB take an approach that is:

  1. DATABASE oriented only;
  2. CV (DOCUMENT) oriented only.

Expert CV WEB has instead opted for a HYBRID approach that makes it possible:

  • to collect, archive and manage the CVs quickly, just like in “DOCUMENT ORIENTED systems;
  • but at the same time to obtain a complete DATABASE, filled with information, just like in “DB ORIENTED” systems.

Expert CV WEB is a DEV4U solution. And just like all our software, it stems from the practical experience accrued with our customers.

Expert CV WEB is the result of the requests made by two customers:

Expert CV WEB for its search engine, initially exploited Solr technology. Today, we have migrated towards Elasticsearch technology.

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