DEV4U designs and develops web systems (called “M&E Systems”), which support the Monitoring and Assessment of international cooperation projects. These web systems adhere to widespread methodological frameworks (such as, for example, the “LFA – Logical Framework Approach”, “PCM – Project Cycle Management” or the more recent “Theory of Change”).

International cooperation projects are financed by programmes/projects run by major entities (the European Union, International Development Agency, NGOs, etc.).

These programmes have a budget (covered by subsidies, funds, tenders and contests, etc.), which must be spent to implement actions:

  • to promote sustainable economic and environmental development;
  • to reduce poverty and inequality;
  • to ensure the fundamental rights of men and women;
  • to respond to humanitarian crises;
  • to help areas of the world in difficulty or developing.

Therefore, over time, cooperation agencies have implemented assessment policies, guidelines and methodologies to define roles and responsibilities within the assessment process, which envisages:

  • preparation (ex-ante assessment);
  • monitoring;
  • in-itinere assessment;
  • final assessment;
  • ex-post assessment.

Our “M&E Systems” help keep the programmes and projects entered under control, starting out from the Logical Framework and the Feasibility Studies, defining the general objectives, specific objectives, resources, activities, results and effects, as well as the schedule, cost estimate and financial and economic analyses.

The “M&E Systems” include sections and modules dedicated to reports, activities, indicators and results.

DEV4U has consolidated solid experience in this type of web system, and may be a valid partner for agencies, entities and enterprises operating in the field of International Cooperation.

M&E SYSTEM is a complete, integrated web solution resulting from our lengthy experience in the management and information of system development projects.


With M&E SYSTEM, activities can be planned and monitored with flexible frequency, weighting activities according to their importance. There are different levels of planning: multi-year, annual and infra-annual.

Indicator monitoring
Monitoring of the various types of quantitative and qualitative indicators.

M&E SYSTEM can use customisable queries to generate project reports and statistics, with the possibility of associating graphics in various forms.

Project management
M&E SYSTEM is a collaborative platform that allows users to collaborate, entering project data, with an exchange of messages by means of integrating messaging, notification management, to-do lists, shared agendas and the uploading of Excel files.

Customised database
M&E SYSTEM for each project starts out with the import of pre-existing databases or the creation of new databases.

Documentation management
M&E SYSTEM includes a Document Management System (DMS) for archiving and managing all documentation.

Visual geographic systems
M&E SYSTEM can communicate and display geographic and spatial data. Spatial queries can be run on activities, indicators and data, so as to represent project-related information on maps.

Subsidy monitoring and management system
In some cases, M&E SYSTEM is customised to administer the subsidy application procedure.

Users and permits
Limit access to pages that should not be displayed or edited by a specific user or groups of users.

Languages supported
Our M&E System is available in various different languages.

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